Testimonials & Reviews

…Love that. BTW, you guys do great work. Really happy with what you’ve done so far.

Shannon Stevens

Partner, Creative Director at SHINY – 11/14/19


Afternoon Don and Cann Team

Everything went well. Brochures were great. I am glad you kept following up with me.

Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Gerald Hearne

Art Director, Urban Chirp – 9/30/19


Hello Don and Cann Team,

Wow, I got my two books this morning in Lexington, MA that you printed and produced.  They look fantastic! You know, it’s the big thick book with tabs and then the thin one with no tabs…

Ted – I’m so happy that you fixed the page number problem with the left side pages.  One can now see the page number instead of having it be under the coil binding.  All together I’m very happy with the quality, look and feel of the books.  Great job!

I hope you can save the original PDFs of the books that I sent under “Agilent Vacuum” so I can have them printed again sometime soon.  Thank you a million times!  Excellent!  Oh, I love the tabs and the coil binding as well.

Robin A.

Marketing Operations, Agilent – 8/19/19


Hi Don and Ted,

I didn’t want to leave for the show without emailing y’all to say thank you again. The books really turned out beautifully. I was blown away with the job y’all did from start to finish – Your attention to detail caught a mistake which would have caused a lot of confusion for our team had it not been correct. It looked as though y’all had plenty of time to prepare and print these for us but you did so in way under 24 hours and delivered them to us in time to get them shipped out to the show.

Today our CEO returned to the office and I told them what a great job y’all did – then I showed him the extra book that I had printed to leave here in the office. He was very pleased and asked that I send some more work y’alls way 🙂

I have copied Bryan Olvera, in marketing, in this email. We work closely together but he is our go to for almost everything marketing related.

@Bryan, when you complete those little area flyers that you are working on and they are ready to be printed Ruan asked if you could please send it over to the team at Cann Printing. They are local (only about 10 minutes away from us). Please also keep them in mind for other future print jobs.

Thank you again for such impressive work Don (and please send our many thanks to your entire team)!

Meredith L.

Sales Operations, Felder Group USA – 7/11/19


Sent Don McNeill and the whole Cann Team

“Thank you, Don.  They look great. Please pass our thanks and appreciation on to Joe and the rest of your team.”

Nita Greer
Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications
Telgian Holdings, Inc. – 4/2/19


“Hello Mr. Cann,

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how wonderful the folks you have working at Cann are. We are probably one of the very demanding clients that always has ‘rush jobs’… but you guys do not let us feel any of it. You always stay positive and deliver!!”

“We work mostly with Jerry and Ted directly and they have been such God-sends. Jerry is always professional, on-time, and always doing his best for us, and in the best interest of our business. Ted is always courteous and so quick in his responses.”

“In short, we are so grateful to be doing business with Cann and honored to be working with the such dedicated staff at Cann, including all of you that work hard behind the scenes.

Thank you so much.”
Ju M.


Sent to Don McNeill and the whole Cann Team

“Thanks so much for all you did to make this a positive experience for me and the Auxiliary.”

Barbara Noseworthy, Director

A. I duPont Hospital for Children Auxiliary – 8/10/18