Relationships that last – Why do some companies become…

Products can become commodities. Only the differentiation of ingredients can change the label. Take bread for instance. It has been around since…Ever! But do you have a favorite bread? It’s still bread!

People like certain brands, grain, yeast, honey, wheat, focaccia, pita, breakfast, dinner, scones, bagels, croutons and hundreds more types/characteristics that define…the amazing tastes of bread. It is probably one of the most broadly defined/described substances on earth. And now it comes in more shapes, flavors, even ‘yeast family’ recipes. Why do some people develop a relationship with a certain type of bread and go back to it every time? Knowledge and trust.

Unlike bread, relationships are slightly more complex. However, just as you have tried some breads over and over and develop a love for that bread – A business relationship can have the same result of knowledge and trust.

When a great team of people in an organization have completed needed tasks repeatedly with a fantastic rate of success – you begin to trust them, and their knowledge of your needs grows with each task. When that same team finds new ways to save you money on your tasks while remaining profitable, so they will be around to help you in the future – That grows the relationship. Knowing the goals of your customer and helping them to achieve them while saving money, can result in a long term relationship. Now go enjoy your morning bagel from the deli that you know and trust.

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