How do you spell antidisestablishmentarianism? Why proofing your work…

You have spell check, grammar check, a good eye, sense of placement and organization. You’ve got this! Your document is clear, concise, well thought out and displayed beautifully. Your graphic designer killed it!
Your first print from your printer is okay, but your desktop printer is just that, a desk jet. It doesn’t matter, because you know your graphic designer understands all the corporate logo usage and color requirements, so… let’s go to press.

Today, we have so many programs and safety checks that help us, we are simply not concerned when we send something off to a printer. Except… maybe that paper you chose will crack under that heavy blue solid you placed over the fold. And, that drop shadow that didn’t show too well on your desk jet proof comes up very differently from the PDF, to the desk jet to the Heidelberg or the digital press.

PDF versus paper proofing? 80% of the time a PDF for common 1 or 2-sided, simple color card or sheet printing works just fine. It usually suffices for reprints, but when you are folding, binding, die-cutting, critical color matching or stamping, paper is the ticket. Digital paper proofing has become, and can be, invaluable to checking your most critical work.
The top five items to look out for:
1. Consistent logo usage, color and placement
2. Type – widows, odd breaks or shifts
3. Gutter or fold ink coverage/cracking and or need for coatings
4. Images DPI, skin tones, bad crops
5. Proper paper choice for final needs and mailing weight consideration

At Cann Printing, we take extra steps by proofing your work from a craftsman’s perspective. We are not attached to your job in the same way you are, giving us a greater visual print perfection point of view. With hundreds of years’ worth of combined print perfection experience, we catch even potential problems in advance of production, saving you time and money.
And now you know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism.

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