Nor’easter Storm, Technical Terms as Related to Printing

As we in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast brace for our 4th Nor’easter of March, we think the rest of the world should learn some terminology regarding these storms as it relates to printing.

White Excrement – This term does not refer to snow alone as a typical Nor’easter blends facial stinging ice fragments that have a unique piercing capability. This generally forces us all to work from home and press operators cannot report to work. Unfortunately, our facility closes.

Freezing Rain – As if rain on a cold day is not depressing enough this unique type of rain has the amazing capability to stick as ice to any surface it contacts. This includes tree branches, power lines, tree branches that bring down power lines and everything that can potentially take down power lines other than tree branches such as whole trees. Without power presses cannot run properly or at all. Our facility closes.

Slippery When Wet – Because it’s not wet…It’s ice! Ice is inherently slippery. When it falls from the sky and coats every surface, everywhere the result is everything becomes bone breaking, skull cracking slippery. Because we care about our skilled craftsmen and do not want them to face the dangers accompanied with slippery surfaces, our facility closes.

The Sky is Falling – Technically yes and no. When the rate of falling white excrement increases dramatically as it often does during a Nor’easter, the resulting appearance is that the sky is falling. While technically not true, the resulting drop in visibility makes it difficult to go anywhere and can make one believe that indeed the sky is falling. Since our employees cannot find their cars to get to work or operate them safely during sky falling situations, our facility closes.

At Cann Printing while we try to never disappoint our customers there are some matters that are out of our control – The sky falling has produced freezing rain covered by white excrement resulting in very slippery surfaces. Today, March 21st is the first full day of Spring, 2018. Thanks goes out to The Weather Channel for giving this storm a name – Toby. You can now blame Toby because our facility is closed. If your job was due today, we apologize and promise we will deliver it tomorrow when Toby leaves!

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