When your employees stop investigating new resources – the…

Successful B2B sales dictates that there will be phone calls, texts and emails that accompany a company’s marketing efforts by its sales force. Often the gatekeeper of a company or a company with a good phone tree will prevent the messages from ever being heard by the appropriate decision maker.

Is this always smart?

Time is the major factor. By not taking the time to accept a phone call or read a text or email (or your system blocks them altogether) you know your employees are focused. Their tasks most likely can utilize the tools you have already provided to get the job done. By blocking the sales communication of outside companies, you can save that time to increase internal productivity.

However, if you do not keep up with technology today you will be left behind and at the speed of technology changes today this can happen tomorrow. Many companies send employees to trade shows to learn the latest and greatest advantages that technology in a field has to offer. This can get costly quickly, although does provide a chance for employees to have a little paid company time away from the office while learning many options out there in one place, first hand.

There is still the option of hearing what a sales rep who calls has to say. Your screener can probably decide by the confidence in a caller’s voice whether to put the call through to the person that matters. But they still could be causing your company a loss. Letting the call go to the voicemail of the actual user of those services and letting them decide who to see is what you are paying them to do – Continually investigate new resources and technologies to increase efficiency and decrease costs.

A service will most likely never become a true commodity. A great service will become a relationship. But you must listen to its potential first, for it to begin. Answer your phone, read the text or email. You may be surprised, impressed and…even save money!

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